Keep reading the Bible

Not yet a Christian? Keep reading to keep learning about who Jesus is, why Jesus came and what it means to follow him.
Already a Christian? Continue developing a daily habit of time in God’s Word.

Want to read more or find out more, go to Bible Society Australia is running an Australia-wide Bible reading campaign for Aussies to make a fresh start on their Bible reading habit starting with just 25 words and letting it grow from there. And when you do, you will begin to experience more of what Jesus promises—to lighten the burdens we all carry.

Become a Christian

If you’re not a Christian – maybe you still have more questions? If that’s you, keep reading the Bible, keep asking questions about Jesus. For some of you who aren’t Christian – perhaps you’re ready to become a Christian. You’re ready to, in the words of Jesus from Mark 1:15, REPENT and BELIEVE the good news.

  • Believe that Jesus is the King who dealt with your sin
  • Repent by turning away from your sin and living with Jesus as your king.

A good first step is to say a 3 simple words of faith: SORRY + THANKS + PLEASE.

Praying is simply speaking to God. The prayer that follows isn’t magical but a good opportunity to say SORRY to God for sin, THANKS to God for Jesus and that God would PLEASE help you to live for him.

DEAR GOD, I am SORRY for my sin, I am sorry for ignoring you. THANKS for sending Jesus to die for me, so I may be forgiven. Thanks that he rose form the dead to give me new life. PLEASE forgive me and change me, that I may live with Jesus as my King. Amen

If you have just prayed a prayer like this – that’s great news! Let someone know. Keep reading the Bible. Keep speaking to God in prayer. Meet with other Christians. Share this great news of Jesus’ Epic Story.

(If you want more information on ‘how to become a Christian’ have a listen to this short talk from Dave Miers)

Meet with Christians

If you are not already part of a local church – find one so you can connect with other Christians.