JESUS’ EPIC STORY – 16 days with Jesus

The story of Jesus is the most epic story ever told. It’s not a made-up story. It’s true. And it’s life changing!

Over the next 16 days, we are going to read through Mark’s account of Jesus’ Epic Story. You may have been following Jesus for a long time; you may have recently started following Jesus; or you may be still checking Jesus out. Wherever you’re at, I hope you’ll join us on this journey!

These short vids will help you to find your feet and give you a brief overview of each chapter in Mark’s biography of Jesus.

What are you waiting for? GET INTO DAY 1!!

Bible Society

JESUS’ EPIC STORY has been produced by Bible Society Australia. The goal of Bible Society Australia is the same one that Bible Societies around the world have been pursuing for some 200 years: to translate, publish, distribute and engage people with the Bible. Bible Society Australia is founded on the belief that when the Bible speaks to people’s hearts and minds, the Spirit of God transforms their lives for their own good, the good of their communities and of society at large.

More info about Bible Society // Check out our nationwide Bible reading campaign.

Dave Miers

JESUS’ EPIC STORY is written and presented by Dave Miers. Dave is the Youth & Young Adults Minister at St Faith’s Anglican Church Narrabeen (Sydney’s Northern Beaches). He is passionate about preaching Jesus to young punks. He’s married to Rowena and father to Samuel & Thomas. His favourite sport is soccer and favourite food is sushi. He has an online ministry

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